The prize

Landscape architecture is a relatively young, but internationaly well known branch of architecture. It is very under represented  and has little respect in Hungary. Landscape architects work on creating high quality open spaces, making cities livable, making our built environment more aesthetic and functional. They deal with potentials of the landscape in a way so that the planned interventions and developments would be sustainable, the created values, elements of the built environment would be fitted into the landscape.

Hungarian landscape architecture- like many other interdisciplinary specialities- has reached to a stage of development, not just in practice but in qualification and in social impact as well, that makes professionals of this discipline worth for recognition. Up until now to the outstanding performance of Hungarian representatives of this profession were only given recognition with the prestigeous Ormos Imre- Medal, which dates back to 1988. The founders of this prize, feeling responsibility for the future of this profession, decided to establish these prizes, due to recognize the innovative work of our outstanding junior and senior landscape architects, and this way to inspire even better performance.

On 21st October The Landscape Architectural Department of Chamber of Hungarian Architects (MÉK-TKT), Hungarian Association of Landscape Architects (HALA-MTSZ) and Semmelrock Stein+Design LLP. founded the Prize of Landscape Architect of the Year and Prize of Junior Landscape Architect of the Year, which will be handed over ceremoniously yearly in April, the month of landscape architecture.


Winners in 2013, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR categories:  Péter István Balogh PhD  & Sándor Mohácsi  (s73)- landscape architects of the year | Péter Gábor (Greentree) - finalist | Dr. Ágnes Herczeg  (Pagony) - finalist | György Szloszjár  (Garten Studio) - finalist | Dominika Tihanyi  (UILA) - finalist | Zoltán Kun  (PanParks) - People's Choice Award | Péter Gábor  (Zöldfa) - Presidential Special Award | Julius Gyula Fabos (UMASS) - Presidential Special Award | Wallner Krisztina - MÉSZ Special Award | Andrea Balogh & Csaba Majoros  (4D) - MAKEOSZ Special Award | Dominika Tihanyi  (UILA) - MÖFÖSZ Special Award

Winners in 2013, JUNIOR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR categories:  Katalin Csillag - junior landscape architect of the year | Anna Biczók  - Municipality of Visonta Special Award | Krisztina Trásy  - MÉK Special Award | Gábor Böhm - CUB Faculty of Landscape Architecture Special Award | Gábor Böhm  - HALA Special Award


Winners in 2012, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR categories:  Albert Fekete PhD  - az Év Tájépítésze | Andor Anikó és a LAND-A - döntős | Balogh Péter István és Mohácsi Sándor (s73) - döntős | Herczeg Ágnes (Pagony) - döntős | Steffler István (Garten Studio) - döntős | Sándor Tamás (S-tér) - közönségdíj

Winners in 2012, JUNIOR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR categories:  Simon-Kiss Márta - landscape architects of the year | Dorottya Katalin Varró  - Municipality of Somlóvásárhely Special Award | Márta Simon-Kiss  - MÉSZ Special Award | Norbert Kéki  - CUB Faculty of Landscape Architecture Special Award | Nóra Zámbó  - HALA Special Award

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